Has society become entitled or enabled?

Entitlements….The word just makes me cringe.  With the political wars that are blowing full steam right now, the topic of entitlements and the mindset and actions of some of the people in our country has become a hotbed of focused hatred.  Here’s what gets me…why are we so focused on blaming the people receiving assistance and when did it suddenly become wrong for someone to ask for help?  Have the actions of a few really tainted the overall objective of assistance programs or is this just another case of political blame game targeted at your heart strings?

First off, I’m going to make something very clear.  Yes, I recognize that there are some people who take advantage of and abuse government assistance programs.  I’m not ignoring that fact, and I don’t agree with their actions.  What I do have an issue with is the societal condemnation of people who are doing exactly what they have been taught is acceptable!  Seriously, where is there any dignity to these actions?  The answer is, there is none!  The people our society has targeted with these issues of “entitlement” basically boils down to, in all reality, a group of people (generation) that have been taught from day 1 that someone will always be there to take care of them, and are now being blamed for their dependence!  Exactly what were we, as a society, expecting to happen?  Was this supposed to be a magical situation where the basic principles of conditioned behavior just somehow didn’t apply?  I think it’s time that we start taking credit for our actions, as a society, and start realizing that the people we are choosing to condemn are only doing what we have enabled them to do.  As a society, we have abandoned the biblical philosophy of “teach a man to fish….” and taken on the mindset of “just feed them, I’m too busy to teach them how to do it.”

Just as it holds true in every other aspect of life, as a country,  we are having to reap what we have sown.  Just as it took many years to for the “you owe me” mentality to come to fruition, it will take many years for a new mentality to take hold.    I think the time has come for us to start teaching men to “fish” again.  Instead of condemning and out-casting people, it’s time to start embracing them and taking some blame for the situation we’ve created.  I think the next generation does have one entitlement……knowledge.  We owe it to them and to ourselves to teach them life lessons, trade skills, principles, and all of the things that we were given.  It’s time to stop being so selfish and to start investing in others.  What our country looks like in 20 years will be the harvest of  the seeds we sow now.  So, what seed’s are you going to choose to sow?

P.S. ~ I would love to hear your feedback!  Please feel free to comment below or join me on Facebook at YourIdealLifeNow!

~Be Blessed

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